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TRUSTe Privacy Policy

Do you know how your privacy policy protects you? A privacy policy is a legal document that is associated with your website that specifies how you use information your users provide. Without a privacy policy in place, your business is exposed to legal and commercial risks. It is required by law in some places to have a privacy policy on your site, and some services require your site to have a privacy policy before they’ll do business with you.

Copying a privacy policy from another site leaves you at risk legally as you can’t be sure that their policy will cover you properly, while hiring a lawyer to make a privacy policy for you could cost hundreds of dollars. With TRUSTe Privacy Policy it has never been easier or more affordable to get a complete privacy policy on your site.

In just a few minutes your business can be protected by TRUSTe, recognized by 3 out of 5 consumers as a source of online trust.